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data integrations

Difficulties Integrating Data Between 3rd Parties

It would be nice to simply share integrations from one show to another, but it isn't always as easy as we dream up. Here are a few reasons why data integrations can sometimes be challenging - but not impossible!


MYS Map Book - NAB Show

Print Is Not Dead

Here's a software company sharing success stories of printed pieces at trade shows and conferences around the country. I'd love to get your feedback on what your attendees find helpful while onsite.



CEIR's 2017 Attendee Floor Engagement Study

Haven't heard of the 2017 CEIR Attendee Floor Engagement Study yet? It's a helpful series outlining what trade shows are doing to engage attendees on the show floor.


Map Your Show Essential Items Trade Show

5-ish Essential Items You Should Bring to a Trade Show or Conference

You should probably bring more than just what's on this list if you really want to be successful at a trade show. But maybe there's something on here you didn't think of before?


Lauren Zumbahlen

Know Your Show-er: Lauren Zumbahlen

When she's not selling advertising, she's traveling the world. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at one of our Exhibitor Advertising Managers.


Map Your Show at Expo Expo

Preparation for IAEE's Expo! Expo! 2017

Tradeshows are inherently designed as the perfect platform to launch new products, right? We think so – and it's why we're debuting another addition to our software at this year's Expo! Expo! that your group can use to help organize and market your event.


Map Your Show Culture

You Can Have Fun at Work, Too

We do all sorts of things to keep employees on their toes, having fun, and connected to one another. It might not be ground-breaking, but here are three things we did this past summer to bond as a group.


RIP MYS Print Map Table

An Ode to our Beloved Print Map Table

Sometimes it's necessary to say goodbye to things we love. And while our product lineup isn't changing, our need for square footage inside our building is.


MYS Mobile & Apple Store Changes

Will Apple's New App Review Guidelines Affect Your Mobile App?

Today's post gets a little technical, so we brought in someone who knows what he's talking about. Here's some mobile app development talk from John Sullivan, our Director of Mapping & Interactive Technology.


Process Featured Exhibitors

4 Built-In Features of the MYS Directory

With a product as robust and jam-packed as our Directory Floor Plan & Search, it can be difficult to show-off every single feature utilized by our ever-growing customer base. Did you know we had these four attributes already available for your use?