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relationship building

4 Keys to Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Being a service provider to many while also a client to others gives us a unique perspective when it comes to customer service. Check out our four tips for creating and maintaining excellent customer relationships.


Map Your Show Blog

5 Event & Trade Show Sites I'm Reading Right Now

Even with the assistance of today's digital tools, it's hard to stay on top of every piece of trade show content. Here are the five event & trade show blogs I check most often.


MYS Viewmaster Invitation

How Unique Mailings Helped Us Gain Booth Traffic

Because we exhibit at several trade shows each year, it can be a challenge to come up with effective marketing campaigns. Here are two of the most successful pre-show mailings we've ever implemented.


Jason Sluggo Clust

Know Your Show-er: Jason Clust

When they're not servicing your trade shows, they're leading pretty interesting lives. A behind-the-scenes look with one of our top-notch Account Managers here at Map Your Show.


event website tips

4 Tips for Excellent Event Website Design

Looking to improve your event website? Check out these 4 tips to keep in mind when redesigning your event's website.


Some of the first Map Your Show CD-ROMS

How Map Your Show Started

Curious how Map Your Show got its start? Discover the background behind an event software company that continues to grow after a decade on the scene.


MYS Blog

You're Starting a Blog?

It's 2017 and we've finally hopped into the world of blogging. Past due? Hardly. We have plenty of great stories, tips, and tricks to share with the events and trade show world. Check out our first post and stay tuned for weekly updates.