10 Unique Sponsorship Ideas for Your Next Hybrid Event

Monetize your event and increase brand exposure for your exhibitors

Trade show sponsorships can be a great tool for exhibitors to gain exposure before and during your event. They can also be a way for your event to generate additional revenue, so why not add unique sponsorship opportunities to your event that will be hard for exhibitors to resist? Pairing traditional sponsorships with online sponosrships can be a real game changer for your exhibitors to project their brand in a more eye-catching and memorable way. Here are ten unique sponsorship opportunities to keep in mind as you plan your next hybrid event.

1. Show Promotion Contest Sponsorship

Do you want to keep attendees and exhibitors engaged and promote your event? Consider having exhibitor sponsored contests that involve attendees posting on social using the show hashtag. Either select posts at random or choose posts that have had the most interactions, then give the sponsored prize to the winner!

2. Mobile App and Gamification Sponsorships

If you haven’t considered gamification for your event, you may want to. Scavenger hunts are a great way to guide attendees to certain areas of the show floor while giving you the opportunity to sell more sponsorships. Choose to sell one sponsorship for the entirety of the hunt or split it out by station. You can also sell a sponsorship for the entire mobile app overall, which includes a banner, or even opt to sell push notifications that can be sent out to attendees during your event. All of these options generate additional revenue for your event.

3. Virtual Happy Hour Sponsorship

For attendees and exhibitors that aren’t on-site, you can still provide an interactive environment for them to network have conversations with peers. By hosting virtual happy hours, you can keep attendees engaged from remote locations, and you can allow exhibitors to sponsor the online events. The attendees will know which exhibitor to thank for a memorable networking event!

4. Charging Lounge

In the age of technology, people are always on the hunt to find somewhere to relax and recharge. Offer exhibitors the opportunity to sponsor a charging lounge that will offer multiple charging ports as well as a comfy seat to rest their feet. Before long, their feet and phones will be refueled, and they will be ready to hit the show floor once again.

5. Online Sponsorships

Grasp the attention of attendees before they even get to the event with online sponsorship opportunities! Many attendees plan ahead by utilizing an agenda planner tool, so let exhibitors stand out by purchasing sponsorships that will be visible online throughout the floor plan, directory and exhibitor search. If your event staff does not have the time or resources to sell these packages, consider utilizing MYS's Exhibitor Engagement Team. This additional manpower will be an added benefit to your exhibitors, giving them personalized attention and a high level of expertise, helping them achieve maximize brand exposure before, during and after the event. Not to mention, this is an additional way for your event to generate revenue without scrambling for resources.

6. Attendee Care Package

We all have had that feeling of forgetting something only to figure it out once we get to our destination. All attendees are only human, so allow exhibitors to sponsor a Welcome Pack for attendees that will contain some essentials to get them through each show day. Whether it is a toothbrush, ibuprofen or band aids, it never hurts to have the necessities on hand and if attendees decide to take the unused items home, the brand exposure will continue after your event.

7. Branded Session Paths

Tangible items are not always the most impressionable. Sometimes guidance can have the biggest impact on your day. Let’s face it, navigating your way through a show can be overwhelming, especially if an attendee has not utilized an agenda planning tool.  Finding your way from hall to hall or from session to session can be overwhelming, so what better way to navigate than to provide a path for attendees. Give your exhibitors the option to sponsor brand sessions paths that adhere to the floor guiding the way to different halls or sessions.

8. Hand Sanitizing Stations

The importance of keeping your hands clean at an event is essential, so why not offer sponsored hand sanitizing stations throughout the exhibit hall. Attendees will be grateful when they head home with contact information from exhibitors instead of a head cold!

9. Mail SWAG to Virtual Attendees

Just because attendees aren’t on-site doesn’t mean they don’t like getting SWAG from a show. Consider using a company like www.swagup.com to mail attendees swag. Exhibitors contributing to the swag gain brand exposure, and attendees will be able to get new items that make them feel like they are on the show floor!

10. Sponosored Webinars and Group Discussions

By hosting group discussions, sessions, or live streaming events, you can help create and foster a sense of community among attendees, customers, and prospects. That sense of community, which also offers its members a sense of belonging, can often increase member loyalty to a company and brand which is an appealing sponsorship opportunity.

10 Sponsorship Ideas For Your Next Hybrid Event