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4 Keys to Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Being a service provider to many while also a client to others gives us a unique perspective when it comes to customer service. Check out our four tips for creating and maintaining excellent customer relationships.

This will seem like a self-serving blog post. And in many ways, I guess it is. But bear with me for a minute…

Having top notch customer service is one our core values. It’s why every MYS client is paired with a dedicated account manager to answer any and all questions, keep you informed of updates, and maybe even suggest different solutions we’ve seen other events implement. Heck, you even get the cell phone number of your account manager in case you want to Facetime during the day.

Maybe don’t go that far, but you get the idea…

No matter what industry you’re in, your business relationships have immeasurable value, so it’s vital to make great customer service your bottom line instead of simply just a factor in your success. Here are some of the steps we take to build a long-lasting relationship with customers:

  1. Be patient. Think about your friends for a second. How long did it take to make these friends and gain trust? Trust takes time, and you must show each client you are patient by listening and acting on their feedback. In addition to learning more about them, share information about you, too (just not too much).
  2. Treat each client like they’re human. Seems like a no brainer, right, but how many horror stories have you read online or heard about from a friend? Referrals are more likely to be made through happy customers, so try to identify with clients as humans with unique wants and needs instead of just another dollar. A quick reply letting someone know you’re looking into their question can go a long way.
  3. Go the extra mile. This is the trickiest tip on the list, but it’ll set you apart from your competitors. This is so hard to maintain, though, because once you’ve gone that extra mile, folks may assume your normal mode of operation is to go above and beyond – and sustaining that level of service can be difficult. You definitely have to balance consistently good customer service with a few “wow” moments. There’s no shame in politely and clearly stating when you’ve done more than what was called for.
  4. Be honest. People don’t like to be deceived. Maybe your product or service can’t do exactly what has been asked. Be straightforward in your response and suggest alternate actions in order to get close to whatever it is they’re looking for. Often times a phone call is the best way to deliver this message rather than a monotone email. Most clients will appreciate the personal touch to your honesty.

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