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4 Tips to Maximizing Your Exhibitor Dashboard

Your exhibitors already have a place to log-on and see everything related to your show, right? Check out our recommendations for maximizing the setup of your event's exhibitor dashboard.

Exhibitors run the gamut on engagement. The most organized folks are checking your event’s website and social media on a regular basis to get more familiar with what attendees are seeing and doing. And a handful of exhibitors will, of course, put off their planning until the last minute – if at all. As emails find their way into spam and clutter folders, it’s more important than ever to nail it on the first try.

Here are a few tips to help increase and improve your engagement with exhibiting companies at your show:

  1. Put all necessary information in one place – Chances are, you’re sending an introductory email to your exhibitors with their login information at some point before the show, correct? We recommend loading your exhibitor dashboard with everything someone will need before that first login. Your registration for next year’s event isn’t ready yet, you say? Throw an announcement up telling them to check back during the month you anticipate having it live. Your general service contractor, your housing partner, your marketing options – everything you can think of could have some treatment within your exhibitor portal from the very start.
  2. Organize it – Don’t go throwing everything around willy-nilly: group tasks or to-do lists into organizational buckets before that portal ever goes live. Marketing tasks can go here, operational tasks can go over there. You get the idea. And after spending time setting up your show’s exhibitor dashboard, you might become immune to the organization. Consider asking a colleague who hasn’t been as involved in the setup to test your content.
  3. Utilize single-sign-ons – We’ve blogged about this before, so hopefully you’re not bored with it – but it’s important. You don’t want to force exhibitors to log in to several different systems. Corral your partners/vendors early enough during your setup process to work out a seamless solution.
  4. Send targeted follow-up – This one’s straightforward – and we mentioned it last month – but it bears repeating. You should be able to see who hasn’t completed a company description or who hasn’t clicked on the marketing section of their exhibitor dashboard. Send them an email, give them a call – do something – to specifically mention what they’re missing. We often find those exhibitors are not only thankful, they tend to have other questions that somehow aren’t trickling back to your management team.

Have additional questions? We’re always around. Enjoy the holiday break!

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