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5 Event & Trade Show Sites I'm Reading Right Now

Even with the assistance of today's digital tools, it's hard to stay on top of every piece of trade show content. Here are the five event & trade show blogs I check most often.

I wish I had more time. More time with family, more time for recreation, more time for work (right), and just more time in general.

I say this, in jest, because there are a lot of great trade show and event blogs/websites out there right now. And if I had more time in my daily schedule, I’d probably read more than what is listed below. But if you’re looking for a good starting point of where to read about trade shows and other related musings, these five sites listed should help you get the ball rolling.

Trade Show Executive – You’ll find trade show news, updates, and more on a regular basis on this website. Make sure to check out their Archives section to see who and what has been featured in previous issues.

TSNN – Another excellent source of trade show news, TSNN (Trade Show News Network) will have updates, releases and more in their easy to navigate site. The blog is particularly helpful if you’re looking for content from a variety of trade show and event professionals.

BIZBASH – Containing news and updates in the event & trade show world, BIZBASH does a great job of shedding light on unique and interesting event trends. Check out their Hot Topics (right-hand side of the homepage) to find new ideas that may be applicable to your event.

EventMB – A great resource for technology, innovation, and more, the EventMB blog contains all sorts of content to help with nearly every aspect of your show or event. I particularly like their eBooks – tons of material you can download for free and share with colleagues.

Skyline Trade Show Tips – Similar to the sites above, you’ll find a bevvy of posts and updates on trade shows and events. What I like most about this website is that many posts are written from the perspective of an exhibitor (and not necessarily on the industry as a whole). Seek out the ‘Categories’ section at the top to see what I’m referring to.

Full disclosure: we do advertise on some of these platforms because we think they're that grand. So maybe you're already checking them out?

I wish I could include more because there really are other excellent sources of content and information, but let’s leave it at five for now. If I only had more time…

Do you have a blog or site you’re regularly checking out that you want to share? Hit me up on Twitter (@MapYourShow) and let me know.

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