5 Ways to Leverage Your Event’s Mobile App as You Pivot to Virtual

Utilizing your developed technology to continue communication with attendees and generate more revenue for your event with sponsorships

As shows move their events to virtual platforms or hybrid platforms, we have noticed an important component has been left behind, event mobile apps. These apps have already been developed and uploaded to app stores, so why not further utilize it to better your communication? Here are a few ways you can still utilize your app as you transition to virtual: 

1. Send Push Notifications 

One of the best ways to utilize your mobile app is to schedule push notifications. Update your attendees before, during and after your event with important information or announce new scheduled events. Send friendly reminders for upcoming webinars, special guest appearances or contests all from your event’s mobile app. Attendees participating from the comfort of their home can easily be distracted so reminders never hurt. These notifications are quick and easy to set up and can really increase engagement. 

2. Set Up Social Streams 

Staying connected through social media has been an essential way to communicate as everyone attends remote. Within your mobile app, you can set up social streams to house social content for attendees to view right within their app. By making this content easy to find, attendees may be more likely to share your content, and therefore will broaden your audience. Let your mobile app increase engagement, networking, and further your reach. Be sure to remember those hashtags. 

3. Event Schedules/Session for Phone 

On some apps, attendees have the option to create their own agenda planner and build out their schedule from the palm of their hand. Some even allow attendees to add session and exhibitor meetings to their calendar so they feel prepared and organized. Attendees appreciate the option of being able to plan their day from their mobile device. 

4. Continue to Encourage Attendee Connection 

Not everyone has time to keep up with social media while attending a virtual event. One way to encourage attendee networking is through the mobile app. It is always nice to engage with other attendees participating in the same event. Offering a networking or chat platform to do so will provide an easy way to connect buyers and sellers without the obstacle of jumping in and out of different apps. 

5. Offer Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities to Exhibitors 

Sponsorships are a large part of an event’s income and it can continue, or even grow by using the mobile app. Consider splash pages, sponsored push notifications, banner ads and even gamification like a scavenger hunt with prizes sponsored by exhibitors. There are several unique opportunities to generate revenue while giving your attendees a great experience. Give your sponsors the recognition they deserve to reassure them their ROI is being maximized. 

5 Ways to Leverage Your Event’s Mobile App