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MYS Mobile & Apple Store Changes

Will Apple's New App Review Guidelines Affect Your Mobile App?

Today's post gets a little technical, so we brought in someone who knows what he's talking about. Here's some mobile app development talk from John Sullivan, our Director of Mapping & Interactive Technology.


Process Featured Exhibitors

4 Built-In Features of the MYS Directory

With a product as robust and jam-packed as our Directory Floor Plan & Search, it can be difficult to show-off every single feature utilized by our ever-growing customer base. Did you know we had these four attributes already available for your use?


Come See MYS

Come See Us This Summer/Fall

When you work in an industry that revolves around traveling and throwing parties (okay, events), it doesn't take a lot to convince us to show up to industry events. Here's where we'll be over the next two months.


John Sullivan

Know Your Show-er: John Sullivan

When they're not servicing your trade show software, they're leading pretty interesting lives. A behind-the-scenes look at our Director of Mapping & Interactive Technology



We Love Criticism, Especially If You Help Us Grow

We've been lucky enough to receive all sorts of reactions to our products over the last decade - mostly positive. And frankly speaking, we'd like more if you're willing.


measure customer service

How Do You Measure Customer Service?

Today's blog post is a guest post from someone who's been with Map Your Show since its inception - our Project Manager, Jane Sweatt.


Map Your Show Summertime

Increasing Your Summertime Productivity

School's out, families are traveling, and your boss isn't here after lunch on Fridays. Your motivation to work in the summer is wholly owned by you and you alone. Here's a look at what some of our staff does to get through those summertime daydreams.


exhibitor directory collection

4 Tips to Maximizing Your Exhibitor Dashboard

Your exhibitors already have a place to log-on and see everything related to your show, right? Check out our recommendations for maximizing the setup of your event's exhibitor dashboard.


MYS Blog

The Map Your Show Commercial

Here's our best shot at explaining what we do in less than 2 minutes. If only the filming of this took 2 minutes...


integrating map your show software

Considerations Before, During & After Software Integrations

Integrating two or more software systems into a seamless solution doesn't always go the way you'd like. There are several stops along the way where an integration can get derailed. Check out our tips for making sure communication between all parties is up to snuff.