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8 Tips to Promoting Your Event's Mobile App

Do attendees know about your event's mobile app? Our 8 tips for promoting your mobile app will ensure your attendees are well on their way to a successful event.

In an earlier post, we discussed the importance of having a mobile app for your event. You’ve finally decided to take on a mobile event app…now what? Well, simply put, it’s time to promote it, because what good is a mobile app if nobody knows it exists? Read a few of our tips below for promoting your mobile event app before and during your trade show.

Before the show:

Get social
Social advertising allows you to target specific demographics and interests, create hashtags for your events, and engage with your designated audience. Plan a series of social media posts, especially two weeks leading up to the event.

Blog about it
Have a blog? As soon as your mobile app is live, schedule a post about it. It doesn’t have to be long; even just announcing the app with a few benefits to the exhibitors and attendees will suffice.

Emails and Newsletters
Incorporate some information about your show’s mobile app in attendee emails and newsletters with download links, accepted operating systems, and information they can find when they download it.

Create content to add as an announcement to the registration confirmation page/email, so as soon as attendees register for your event, they will know firsthand that there is a mobile app available for show time.

Smart Banners
You already show off your event on your website, right? Have a smart banner automatically appear at the top of your webpage when accessed via a mobile device.

At the show:

Does your show have a show guide? Add a call-out to your show guide and/or show dailies. Plus, throw a few signs up near registration and other heavily-trafficked areas (yes, even the restroom counts; who doesn’t use their phone in the restroom nowadays?).

Get your registration staff involved by encouraging them to mention it to attendees during the check-in process.

Everyone loves free stuff. Sponsor giveaways where attendees respond to push notifications in order to win show-related gear or a complimentary snack or beverage.

Get your speakers involved
Urge your speakers to spend a minute before their presentation to mention the mobile app.

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