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Come See Us at Expo! Expo! in San Antonio

We're putting the final touches on all things Expo! Expo!, and we hope you'll spend a few minutes to stop by our booth (909) later this month.

My first Expo! Expo! was five years ago, and I remember boarding a plane back home after the event carrying my laptop, a scattering of business cards, and an overwhelming appreciation for how jam-packed those couple of days are.

Fast forward to today, and the excitement’s still palpable. I’ve made several new connections since my first trip, and seeing familiar faces each year makes everything a little less overwhelming. The networking is awesome, and time flies when giving demos in the booth. Of course, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know if you’ve ever attended a trade show.

I do hope you’ll stop by our booth as we UNCORK a brand-new software product – plus we’ll be demoing all the regular improvements to our foundational software you’ve come to know and love. As has been the case over the last few years, we’ll have a bar (we’re uncorking more than just a new product) plus a slightly larger seating area where you can relax for a moment. Unless Syd sits down next to you.

Booth 909: we’re near the front of the exhibit hall, so you really can’t miss us.

Aside from a software demo, ask us what makes us stand out within our space. There’s a reason 9 of the top 11 Trade Show Executive Gold 100 shows use our software – and it’s the same reason hundreds of other groups trust their events to our software. Spend 15 minutes in our booth and you’ll get it, too.

We’d love to connect online as well. Check us out on Twitter at @MapYourShow or give us a follow on Facebook. Plus our monthly newsletter is a great way to stay up to date.

Brush up on your witty toasts so we can cheers to the season together. See you in San Antonio!

MYS at Expo! Expo!