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Come See Us This Summer/Fall

When you work in an industry that revolves around traveling and throwing parties (okay, events), it doesn't take a lot to convince us to show up to industry events. Here's where we'll be over the next two months.

We’re crisscrossing the country here soon, and we’d love to see you. Or at least, we’d kind of like to see you. Plus, many people say they have a great time with us, so you shouldn’t be disappointed.

SPECIAL BONUS: If you run into an MYS employee by the end of September, snap a selfie with him/her, upload it to social media, and tag us. I’ll send you some MYS swag you’re sure to love.

And no, I’m not warning our staff, so catch ‘em by surprise! (They don’t read this blog anyway)

Large Show Roundtable – August 17; Anaheim, CA

TSNN Awards – August 21-23; New Orleans, LA

IAEE MidWest Golf Outing – September 11; Chicago, IL

CEM Week – September 11-15; Cleveland, OH

CEIR Predict – September 14-15; Washington, DC

Gold 100 – September 27-29; Half Moon Bay, CA

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Have an event you think we should attend? Hit me up at one of the links above, and we’ll see how we can bring a good time to yet another event.

Come See MYS