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Difficulties Integrating Data Between 3rd Parties

It would be nice to simply share integrations from one show to another, but it isn't always as easy as we dream up. Here are a few reasons why data integrations can sometimes be challenging - but not impossible!

We integrate data across multiple platforms with a lot of trade show vendors each and every day. It’s a necessity. Sometimes we’re pulling data from others via API’s, sometimes they’re sending us regular data files, and often times we’re supplying data, in some form, to other parties.

I wrote a blog post back in June detailing considerations one might have when implementing a data integration between systems, and the advice there is still useful today. What it doesn’t explain, though, is that not every integration is universal.

When a new event signs on to use MYS, and they’re already using another vendor we have a data integration with – it’d be nice to simply “turn on” that integration with that specific supplier.

Sometimes it works that way.

And sometimes it doesn’t.

When software is involved, there’s a myriad of issues that can keep each party from simply re-using an integration. In some cases, there are different versions of a software product. An integration built on version 1.3 of someone’s software might not work the same for another event using version 2.1 of that same software.

Event-specific customizations should also be considered. Not every show uses every piece of software the same (shocker, I know). A lot of events want a unique implementation of a software product, so trying to marry an integration built precisely for one show doesn’t always translate over to another show’s execution because of previous customizations.

Do we wish it was easier? Absolutely. We understand how important an event’s data is, and we try every day to make it easy to consume across a show’s spectrum of third party partners. We have several integrations with vendors that, for the most part, have worked great and will hopefully continue to be easy to turn on. As more vendors in our industry get comfortable with data integrations, we’ll hopefully see a unified approach to updating and customizing software so that integrations can be easily carried over.

Have a thought or question on this? I’d love to hear from you.

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