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5-ish Essential Items You Should Bring to a Trade Show or Conference

You should probably bring more than just what's on this list if you really want to be successful at a trade show. But maybe there's something on here you didn't think of before?

Attendee, exhibitor, show manager, speaker – it doesn’t matter. If you’re visiting a large industry event, here are a few things you should most definitely have when you get to a conference:

Two (or more) Pairs of Shoes – The walking. And the standing. It literally lasts all day. Try alternating pairs of shoes every other day, and your feet won’t bark as loud at night.

Business Cards – Plenty. Don’t be the one who runs out while at the mecca of networking events.

Band-Aides & Medicine – Hands up: who uses band-aides often? That’s what I thought, and that’s why they never used to make it into my travel bag. And for one reason or another, almost everyone seems to need pain reliever each morning. Once we discover what’s causing all these headaches, you won’t need medicine anymore.

Power Bank for Your Phone – If you don’t have one of these yet, then you’ll need to place your charger firmly in your pocket or briefcase. You know you’re on your phone all day, and it’s annoying to find outlets or charging stations when you can charge your device on the go.

Granola Bars, Water & Mints – Maybe you’re the type that’s bouncing from session to session or working a booth all day. If so, pack a few snacks and something to drink.

And if that fails, just do what others in our office do: bring your appetite and a corporate credit card. That’ll at least get you through your stay and back to the office.

Let me know what we missed right here.

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