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Expo! Expo! 2017 Recap

Although we visit dozens and dozens of events every year, it's not often we get to play the role of an exhibitor at a trade show. Here's our take on last week's show in San Antonio.

We’re back in the office after spending month after month planning out our 2-3 day existence at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! It seems a little unfair on the surface to spend so much time on so few hours of face-to-face interaction, but that’s life in the events industry.

In short, we had another excellent event. Launched a brand-new product (read more here). Networked with awesome clients and industry folk. Met a lot of new people. Ate and drank way too much. You know, typical Expo! Expo!, I guess.

The show floor was awesome. We upped our booth size to a 20 x 30 this year to squeeze more folks around our demo stations and bar, and it worked great. I wasn’t sure what booth traffic would look like in San Antonio, but it turned out great.

Whether you stopped by the booth due to our pre-show promotions, because you like us, or because you were curious, we’d like to extend a sincere thank you.

The only slightly odd feature of Expo! Expo! (and I use “odd” in a very mundane sense; it was nothing, really) was the hotel bar scene. Between both official hotels and another hotel connected to the convention center, the “after dinner” scene felt a little spread out amongst each main location. That’s probably not a bad thing as there’s a ton of stuff to do to San Antonio, but I’m sure I missed a couple people I would normally see down there. As this event continues to grow, these are good problems to have.

And if you weren’t at the hotel bar, hopefully you were enjoying the Riverwalk or another gathering somewhere. I loved seeing the Riverwalk lit up with Christmas lights, and events like Humanity Rocks offer great opportunities to get together – as well as support local charities. Picture above is from well before the dance floor filled up. I was too busy to get another photo, sorry!

We’d love to hear what you thought as well. You know the drill.

MYS in San Antonio