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Expo! Expo! 2018 Recap

Our booth's packed up, presentations are over, and we're back in the office after yet another successful Expo! Expo! annual meeting. As the year comes to a close, here's a quick recap of our favorite moments.

This week presents an odd dynamic at MYS headquarters as we attempt to reconcile the post-Expo! Expo! rush of new beginnings with the simultaneous end of year cleanup that inevitably strikes most organizations. It’s can be challenging to leave a show with all sorts of leads and questions to follow-up on, only to discover a plethora of people out of the office or busy with other end-of-year tasks.

Nonetheless, we’d love to extend a giant THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our booth on the show floor or tracked us down at any of the other awesome ancillary events. Our booth was rocking both days, and we enjoyed demoing everything that comes with Version 8 of our ALL-NEW directory.

When not hosting guests in the booth, I particularly enjoyed hopping around New Orleans, be it a hotel lobby, Humanity Rocks, or – of course – Bourbon Street. There was plenty to dance and sing about all week, and I took full advantage of every opportunity to do so. The IAEE Chapter Receptions are always a good time to unwind and chat (hello Mid-South peeps) as we chart a path for next year.

Speaking of next year, I’m excited to mention that I’ve been invited to assist the IAEE Young Professional committee. I have a loose idea of what to expect, but I’ll gladly welcome all advice, stories, and mistakes if you want to send them my way.

All in all, Expo! Expo! provided a great opportunity to connect with old friends, make new, and set us up for a busy January as we begin implementing our new directory. Let the fun begin!

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