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I'm Going Live on Facebook Next Week

Well, not just me. I’m part of a three–person panel that will take your questions on all things exhibits. So the question is, what can we help with?

UPDATE: Due to scheduling conflicts, we have to move this to the first week of December!

Tech and trade shows. Does it seem daunting?

Join our Facebook LIVE Q&A session: 

Thursday, December 6 @ 2pm EST

We plan to discuss exhibit floors and how organizations can increase sales and retention while boosting the attendee experience. But here’s the kicker: you can ask anything you’d like. Please pepper us with all the questions you desire.

Mikel Gabrielson from ISSA will join me to share his wealth of knowledge and experience as we tackle all sorts of topics around floor plan management. And, again, while we may start with exhibit halls and related things, we want to take this discussion where you want it to go!

Find me on Twitter beforehand if you have a good Facebook LIVE pep talk. See you tomorrow!

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