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Your Floor Plan Does More than Sell Exhibit Space

Surely, you use your interactive floor plan to sell exhibit space, but how critical is this tool to your attendee marketing plans? If you include the right info, attendees will do some pre-show planning with your online exhibit hall.

When we help clients initially roll out their online, interactive exhibit floor plan, most thoughts are on what information should be communicated to exhibitors in order to effectively buy booth space. And that makes sense. You have to sell the exhibit space before you can have a trade show, so looking at the floor plan through the lens of sales is natural.

Exhibitors want to see the layout of the hall, where registration is, shuttle bus drop-offs, food/beverage stations, and more. So, make sure you include text or graphics related to those items on your initial floor plan.

But don’t forget this online and interactive tool can do more than sell exhibit locations. Attendees will use it to preview all that’s happening at your event. Do you have educational content happening during your conference? If so, include maps of your session room layouts. You can even hyperlink locations in your session details to the exact room on the map to help with navigation.

Do the same with your keynotes or other exciting social events. You may consider having an interactive “downtown” type map to show not only the convention center but various points of interest and transportation routes. Again, these items aren’t necessary to sell exhibit space, but your floor plan is a marketing tool as well.

Here at MYS, we actually offer the ability to split your floor plan into two views: an exhibitor-focused one and an attendee-driven one. The decision of whether to split or combine views of your floor plan depends entirely on your audience and internal needs.

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