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4 Tips for Increasing Exhibitor Engagement Before Your Show

You only have so many touch points until some exhibitors tune out your emails and correspondence. Here are four tips for improving engagement of your exhibitors before your next trade show.

So you already utilize the MYS Exhibitor Dashboard, right? The next step is helping your exhibitors engage with this tool as it contains so many important aspects of your event – upcoming deadlines, content collection tools, bill payment options. Here are a few tips to increase the frequency with which your exhibitors interact with your show’s Exhibitor Dashboard.

1. Website Integration

You put all the important information from your show on the website, so why not make it obvious where exhibitors can go to check on their specific items?

Performance Racing Industry does a great job of incorporating a button for exhibitors to easily log in to their dashboards right on their event home page. And after featuring it in the same location for a few years in a row, exhibitors have become conditioned to look in this area of the website to log into their portals:

2. Aggregate Content

If you want your exhibiting audience to come back to their unique portals, give them reasons to do so. Create a single-sign-on link to your general service provider along with your registration and housing vendors. Set up a section for exhibitors to edit their directory listing information or pay for their booth or other services. Maybe feature an announcement section with timely, show-specific messages or reminders.

The more items you feature in the Exhibitor Dashboard, the easier it is for exhibitors to complete everything. But don’t go crazy – there can be a fine line between letting them accomplish tasks and overwhelming them with too many things to do.

3. Host a Webinar

This one’s self-explanatory, but here’s my best piece of advice: keep it short and simple. Bill your webinar as a 20-minute presentation followed by a live question and answer session. More exhibitors will pencil a 20-minute presentation into their calendar than an hour-long demonstration. This forces you to be succinct with your information while quickly highlighting the responsibilities they need to complete in their portals. Oh – and make sure you blast the recording out to your exhibiting audience afterwards while placing it somewhere for new exhibitors to consume.

4. Personalized Email Campaigns

Again – this doesn’t take much explaining, but it’s easy to personalize an email blast. Anyone who hasn’t uploaded a company description? Hit ‘em with an email telling them just that. And maybe highlight how much higher the online and mobile app traffic is for exhibitors who take the time to fill out a company description. The same can be said for product categories, show specials, etc.

Have a question on any of this – or maybe a tip of your own? You know where to find us.

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