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Are You Fully Utilizing Your Destination's CVB?

The Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau recently brought me up to speed on what a CVB can offer meeting and convention industry professionals. Check out all the benefits of utilizing your local convention and visitor's bureau.

Quick confession: I’m guilty of actually answering my cell phone when it shows an unrecognizable, random number. Most of the time it’s garbage, but I don’t mind stringing along the “security expert” on the other end or letting the college freshman finish her script before I reveal how much I still owe in student debt. Maybe I’ll donate next year.

And in an unofficial survey of coworkers yesterday, I learned I’m apparently one of the few. Do you ignore calls from phone numbers not saved in your iPhone? But how else would you learn of the free cruise you won from a contest you don’t remember entering? Imagine the odds; it’s too good to be true!

I envision a less-sarcastic, yet slightly similar, reaction is had, annually, by classes of event planners new to the industry when they learn what all a local convention and visitors bureau can do to make their planning lives easier.

Another confession: I was actually shocked when I first found out all the things a CVB can do to assist event organizers. “Too good to be true” is certainly one way to describe a group committed to helping a meeting, conference, or convention at no extra cost.

Here are a few things you should be utilizing your destination’s CVB for:

  • Coordinating responses to dozens of hotels all at once, saving you distinctive outreach.
  • Mass scheduling site visits at various venues and locations, eliminating individual legwork.
  • Gathering proposals for new and unique meeting spaces/lofts/centers, helping your event stand out.
  • Avoiding logistical conflicts with popular citywide events, alleviating last-minute operational headaches.

Your destination’s CVB knows (and loves) the capabilities of your meeting city better than anyone else – whether you’re a resident or simply someone who’s visited the same city over and over.

There really isn’t a reason NOT to use them.

Our local CVB, Cincinnati USA (@CincyUSA on Twitter), did a fantastic job getting me up to speed on what all a CVB can offer. All without calling me from an unfamiliar number – even though I probably would have answered regardless. Check out their Meeting Planner Blog for articles and tips on all sorts of topics related to your next meeting.

Let me know how you’ve recently received help from your destination’s CVB: @MapYourShow