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Increasing Your Summertime Productivity

School's out, families are traveling, and your boss isn't here after lunch on Fridays. Your motivation to work in the summer is wholly owned by you and you alone. Here's a look at what some of our staff does to get through those summertime daydreams.

I’ve already been on two vacations this year. And I have at least one more coming – maybe two. All work and no play doesn’t help my mental balance, so I like to get out of here during the summer. Apparently so does everyone else.

Internal or external communication – it doesn’t matter. When the weather gets warm, email and phone responses become less frequent. Especially for sales folks, the summer can feel like a grind.

Someone brought this up in a meeting this week, so we crowdsourced tips to help increase productivity and responsiveness during the dog days of summer. They’re simple and straightforward. Here’s what works for various MYS staffers:

Morning Email Routine

Spend the first 30 minutes of your day scanning unanswered emails from the previous day. Even if you don’t know the answer to a question right that second, send a reply to acknowledge their message. Make a note of emails you didn't hear back on.

Pick Up the Phone

So you’ve sent a couple emails and still haven’t heard back? Give ‘em a call. Or stop by their office if it’s internal. I usually hear this brought up regarding Millennials (hey, we like to get things in writing), but it’s not just a generational thing. Follow up that phone call with a written message to recap.

Set Calendar Reminders

If you’ve contacted someone and are waiting for feedback, set a calendar reminder to check back in. Same goes for situations where you have deadlines. Enter those in your calendar client, and maybe write them down on a piece of paper you tape to your office wall for good measure.

Use Out of Office Assistants

Not everyone subscribes to this, and I’m not sure why. Have you ever gotten an out of office message and were upset that person let you know they weren’t sitting at their desk right then?

Move Around

What better way to battle that post-lunch slump than to go for a short walk? Or crank the music and throw a mini-dance party. Take 15 minutes to stimulate your mind and body in order to refocus for the rest of the day.

Maybe something here will work for you? Or maybe you have other tips? We’d love to hear them.

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