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Integrating the MYS Directory Into Your Website

With more and more trade shows extending their digital footprint, here are a few tips to really show off what exhibitors or education you have at your upcoming event.

Why do attendees visit your conference or trade show? To receive some sort of value, right? Networking, purchasing insights, education – the list goes on.

We’ve heard from countless trade show organizers that the first place a website visitor goes before registering for an event is either the directory of exhibits or education offerings.

And that makes sense.

So while this seems obvious to say, it bears repeating: make it easy for visitors to locate the value-packed items on your website that eventually launch them into the registration process.

There are so many shows that a do great job of integrating the MYS directory and floor plan into their website, so it was difficult to pick just a few. But here are some great examples:


Links to the exhibitor search and conference sessions are prominently displayed on the home page of this year’s PACK EXPO East website (the highlights in yellow are mine, obviously). Aside from buttons on the home page, the PACK EXPO East site does a great job of sprinkling links to various parts of the MYS tools into their navigation at the top of the page.

You’ll find links to the exhibitor search, interactive floor plan, session search, and My Show Planner under the headings highlighted in the image above.

Not only is finding information on the show clearly apparent, but it’s easy to navigate back to from time-to-time as your attendees are planning for your upcoming event.

Performance Racing Industry Trade Show

PRI does a great job of including links within their website navigation as well (check out the Floor Plan, Exhibitors, or Attendees links on their home page). On top of this, they also make it very easy for a website visitor to find the Floor Plan, Exhibitor Search, and My Show Planner by placing buttons on their home page.

Additionally, PRI adds a button link on the home page to the area where exhibitors log in to maintain their company information for the show.

Final note: make sure you’re including your Google Analytics code in your MYS directory/floor plan setup. It doesn’t cost any extra, and it’ll help you gain insights into where visitors are going. You just need to set up your own Google Analytics account, and then pass your specific code along to us to embed.

Of course, we track visits to our tools on our own, but it never hurts to have these insights automatically bundled in to your analytics account.

Have any questions? Hit me up on Twitter at @MapYourShow.

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