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Introducing: MYS Conference Management

The MYS Conference Management module gives you full control and tracking over the submission and approval process for all sessions and events at your conference.

We’ve spent the last decade perfecting our event management offerings for the trade show world, and now we’re broadening our horizons to a related realm… Meet the MYS Conference Management module.

That’s right; we’re applying our software expertise to the conference/education aspect of the event industry. Not only can you display sessions, conferences, and more within an interactive directory, but you can now manage the collection and application process all within your handy-dandy MYS Show Dashboard.

Gone are the days where you’re forced to manually update a spreadsheet or send individual emails to reviewers, speakers, and session/proposal contacts. We’ve automated the conference management process – from start to finish:

  1. Set up your Calls for Reviewers and Proposals.
  2. Manage your data, applications, grading, scheduling, CEUs, and more.
  3. Empower speakers, reviewers, and session contacts to update content on their own.
  4. Track progress via live reports.
  5. Market your conference to attendees via an interactive directory on your website.

It’s really that easy.

Imagine controlling your EXHIBIT and CONFERENCE data all from one piece of software…

No seat licenses, no redundant tasks, no headaches. Find more details here.

We’d love to show you a demo. Stop by Booth 909 at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! this week or contact our sales team today: