Ways To Be Proactive in Keeping Your Attendees Safe Against Illness

Make Your Attendees Feel More at Ease About Attending Your Upcoming Event During Cold and Flu Season

It’s that time of the year, the coughing, sneezing and sniffling is all around you. No matter where you go in your everyday life, you are surrounded by airborne illness; however, there are ways to make your attendees feel better about attending your show when it IS that time of year. You can reassure your exhibitors and attendees that you are taking action in an effort to keep them safe and healthy:

    • Incorporate wellness items into your registration welcome bags. Hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, vitamin drinks or packets of vitamins, tissues, and helpful hints on how to stay healthy during travel can all be included. Not only will this help protect the spread of germs, but it can also be an awesome sponsorship opportunity! There are companies out there specializing in these packages, such as Conference Care Packages, which can cut down on the prep time and planning for resources.
    • One of the best ways to fight off illness is to keep your immune system strong. Consider offering an immunity boosting smoothie station on-site for your attendees. They can enjoy a tasty treat and at the same time, fill their bodies with the vitamins they need to stay healthy.
    • We know you can’t place a washroom in every row, but you can place hand sanitizing stations throughout the show floor. The more opportunities people have to sanitize their hands as they are walking around, the better!
    • Consider adding additional signage around the hall to promote the location of washrooms. The exhibit floor can get overwhelming, so showing attendees where they can go to wash their hands after meeting exhibitors can be very helpful.

Reducing the spread of illness does not have to be difficult. Give your attendees the knowledge they need once they arrive so they can be proactive and leave your event with new contacts instead of a head cold:

    • This is likely the simplest way to prevent spreading or contracting illness. Your hands touch all sorts of elements every day. By simply washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water, you can wash all your worries down the drain. Be proactive and wash regularly.
    • Can’t find a restroom nearby? Carry a travel sized hand sanitizer with you or utilize sanitizing stations that are setup around the show floor. According to the CDC, using hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol will kill viruses. Keep it on hand and use it until you can get to a washroom and give your hands a good lather and rinse.
    • Just like regular hand-washing, you should also consider cleaning the item that is held in your hands for a large part of the day. Your phone can hold just as much (if not more) bacteria than your hands, so grab some cleaning wipes the next time you are at the store and pack them in your carry-on.
    • Your body is more susceptible to contracting illness when your immune system isn’t working to its highest capacity. Fuel your body so it can fight off any viruses in your path. Consider consuming vitamin rich foods and get outside to see the sun!
    • Last but not least, limit close physical contact with others. No need to cut back on the valuable conversations you can have on-site at an event. Instead, consider limiting/eliminating handshakes and sharing of screens (think phones and tablets).

Don’t let the fear of catching illness deter you from heading to your next event. There are plenty of ways to protect yourself before, during, and after walking the show floor.

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