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Know Your Show-er: Drew Martin

How well do you know our Show-ers? We're giving you an all-access pass to get to know the MYS team, and this month we're featuring our Data master, Drew Martin.

Name: Drew Martin
Occupation: Applications Development Manager/DBA
Years of Service: 7

Favorite MYS-related memory?

You could call it a favorite but really it’s more like TERRIFYING. A few years ago at an MYS outing to the Cincinnati Reds game, Joey Votto hit a screaming liner (clocked at 113.6 MPH) into the stands. I was standing up at the time and saw this white fireball racing towards a fellow MYS employee sitting behind me who was busy on their phone texting or posting nachos pics to SnapFace or InstaChat. I knew it was my responsibility to take one for the MYS team or we could potentially lose a member. In the row in front of me Jason Clust dove out of the way and I knew there was only one way to save the person seated behind me and that was to block the liner in any way possible. I squeezed my stomach and tried to corral the baseball. There was a sudden deep thud that could be heard throughout the entire stadium and the baseball careened three rows in front of where I was sitting. After assuring the Reds medical staff I was alright (even though I thought I had internal bleeding) the game resumed. And no I did not get to keep the ball, but I was happy to save the MYS employee seated behind me from complete destruction. I was also flattered that the employee Don Walter decided to name his first-born Drew to pay tribute to me saving his life. Actually his first-born (who is named Drew) was like 2 years old at the time. So I can’t back that up, but it makes me feel better for not being able to catch that Votto liner.

You’re stranded on a desert island. What three things would you most like to have with you?

  1. A Sat phone
  2. Bear Grylls
  3. Wilson

Do you honestly enjoy running or do you do it to impress everyone else?

I tend to stick to things I enjoy so yes, I do enjoy. I’m not sure being a runner is all that impressive. It has taught me a whole lot over the years. One being that our bodies are far more capable than we believe.

How many miles have you run in just the last 5 years?

3,841.5 – I know this because many employees here will tell you how much I LOVE data. Crunching my running data is my favorite Friday night activity after the kids go to sleep. It always gives me chills to pivot out my average heart rate over distance. All my runs go through an intense machine learning “supervised” algorithm. The result is a model that allows me to view predictions of finish times for my next race.

Favorite race you’ve ever been in, and why?

Not sure I have an overall favorite. There are many fun races out there nowadays. If you want a family-friendly spectacle try one of the runDisney events. I’ve had fun with a few those events and the medals are off the charts cool.

Least favorite race, and why?

I would say the least favorite course would be the Heart Mini here in Cincinnati. Great cause and great staff, but the course is an out and back on a highway. Runners and out and backs do NOT mix.

Most famous person you’ve had a face-to-face encounter with?

None that I can think. Mainly because I am oblivious when it comes to that stuff. I could have someone famous next to me on a plane and would have no idea.

What do you like best about Cincinnati?

It’s a polite place to raise a family. The art scene here is great. The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is amazing, Music Hall is a must visit if you are ever in town. Plus it was built over a cemetery so it’s officially haunted. There always seems to be a music festival going on or local talent to check out. The Cincinnati Art Museum is amazing and FREE for general admission.

Favorite concert experience?

Any Rush concert. They aren’t flashy and just get to work. There isn’t an opener because they play the whole night. I’m also a sucker for Tchaikovsky, so I try to catch the artists who play his works at Music Hall.

Who should be featured on the blog next?

Don Walter and ask him about playing live with Ben Folds

Drew Martin