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Know Your Show-er: Josh Thomas

When he's not servicing your events, you can find him jamming out to some music or playing basketball. Here's a closer look into the life of one of our full stack developers, Josh Thomas!

Name: Josh Thomas
Occupation: Full Stack Developer
Years of Service: 18 months

Do you have a favorite MYS-specific story?

The annual MYS May-Day party is really fun especially since it shows how close all the employees are. They act as if everyone is part of one big happy family. Another really fun story that happened wasn’t necessarily during work hours but a small group of MYS employees (including myself) got together and went to an Escape Room where we had 60 minutes to escape and luckily we did 😊.

You can only pick one for the rest of your life: music, Hulu, or basketball?

I would say basketball but as I got older I would regret not choosing Hulu 😊.

Favorite concert experience?

Best concert was a 48 hour concert consisting of Cage the Elephant/ Hawthorne Heights/ Simple Plan and several other bands at Firefly in Delaware.

Assuming you like Cincinnati, what are some of its best parts?

Some of the best things about Cincinnati is for sure all the different types of food as well as having all kinds of different fun opportunities/bars/parks so close to me. Growing up in West Virginia in the mountains I didn’t have that opportunity.

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

If I could learn anything instantly without having to practice it would either be to learn the piano or learn another language such as Italian/French.

Who should be featured on the blog next?

Matt Damron.

Josh Thomas MYS