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Know Your Show-er: Lauren Zumbahlen

When she's not selling advertising, she's traveling the world. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at one of our Exhibitor Advertising Managers.

Name: Lauren Zumbahlen           
Occupation: Exhibitor Advertising Manager
Years of Service: 6

Favorite MYS-related memory?

There are so many to choose from! I’ll go with one from my very first month at MYS as an Account Manager. We had a big group attend a Cincinnati Cyclones (hockey) game and then out to a karaoke bar afterwards. I knew then, this was not only a great company to work for but one that can have fun and somewhere I could make lasting friendships.

As our resident world-traveler, where’s the best (non-trade show) place you’ve ever been and why?

I would have to say, Italy. I’m biased however, because I was lucky enough to visit with my best friends and experience everything as a local since my girlfriend is currently working and living in Milan. She’s made a great group of friends there, and they showed us so much of the country I feel we wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. It was truly the best trip of my life.

And what’s your least favorite travel experience/memory?

Well, this is more comical, but while in Italy we missed our early train in Florence heading to Venice. We thought we’d plan ahead and purchase tickets pre-trip, but this back-fired when we had to re-purchase tickets because we were maybe just a bit slow that morning due to wine tasting in Tuscany the day before. Also, a nice Italian man felt compelled to let me know my backpack had pulled my dress up. I was that American in the Florence train station. Yes, yes, I was.

And when you’re not jet-setting the world, what do you love about Cincinnati?

Cincinnati has always been home, so I love it for various aspects. Mostly my friends and family, but Cincinnati is a hidden gem and is always growing. It’s been so fun to watch this city change in the last 10 years or so. There’s always a new restaurant or up-and-coming neighborhood.

Most famous person you’ve had a face-to-face encounter with?

Unfortunately, Dennis Rodman. I’ve also seen Kristen Cavallari and Fergie at a trade show before. But, I’ll save myself here and say Chrissy Teigen once liked my Instagram post, and my life was forever made.

Rooting for the University of Kentucky, shopping, or drinking Coca-Cola. You can only have one for the rest of your life.

I mean…seriously? This is the hardest decision of my life. Can I go the roundabout way and say shopping, because then I can still shop for Coca-Cola? No? Fine. Shopping will always be my kryptonite.

If you could master a new talent in a day, what would it be and why?

GOLF! I’m getting pretty good at golf since I’ve officially golfed twice now. Getting my pro card next year.

Who should be featured on the blog next?

This is risky, but… Michelle Louis.

Lauren Zumbahlen