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Know Your Show-er: Michelle Louis

When she's not crunching numbers, she leads a pretty interesting life. Here's a behind-the-scenes look into the life of our Billing Manager, Michelle Louis.

Name: Michelle Louis
Occupation: Billing Manager/Admin/Don’s Keeper
Years of Service:10

Do you have a favorite MYS-specific story/memory?

The best memories can’t be spoken of or even remembered.  I will say some of my most treasured relationships have stemmed from this place and for that I am forever grateful.

Was it odd growing up around this company and now coming to work for it every day?

I am going to use a cliché here and say I feel incredibly lucky.  Literally, I do not know a world without GBM, and what became MYS, in it.  I have been able to watch the company evolve and work with some of the very people I have grown up around. There is a reason my tenure seems so long for how young I am/look (insert laughs and hair flip…bahaha).

How much fun is it being responsible for MYS invoices, checks, and whatnot?

You aren’t always the most liked person in the room, that is for sure, so I guess it could really be looked at as a drag. For me though, I have always loved numbers and questions with answers. However, when I make a mistake it makes my skin crawl, and dare I say sweat. I have to tell like 5 different people ‘hey I screwed this up’ which is just the pits.

What’s the coolest thing you remember having as a child?

This is a little off the question, so I don’t know if it is the pregnancy hormones or the questions (because I am convinced that SOMEONE is trying to make me look soft) but my BIG extended family (like 40+ first cousins on one side). I’ve realized as I have gotten older how rare the size of my family is and how much I have benefited from having one as large and fun loving as I do. I was never short on friends, lessons to learn from older cousins, or events to go to. I am proud of my large family and the balance/perspective it has brought to my life.

Where’s the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

Yeesh, I have traveled a lot of interesting and beautiful places, but as of late I just got back from Banff (Alberta, Canada). It is worth all the hype and all the pennies, it is truly breathtaking! (see below for unfiltered/unedited photo which I think explains the why) I will no doubt go back there because there is honestly so much more to see. 

I mean crystal clear turquoise blue lake, meets glacier, and mountains with deep history… go ahead, put it on your bucket list! Plus, even the bears are docile because Canada, eh?

You can only choose one for the rest of your life: traveling, shopping, or coffee…

Next question please…  Truthfully, I don’t like to go physically shopping, so I would online shop, and then I would give up coffee (fairly new addiction because #momlife). So, my ONE choice is Traveling. If coffee happens to be a part of a destination I am going to, so be it!

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I am not sure – I may or may not have asked someone here that question and the answer they gave me I didn’t want to put in here.  Soooo yeah, next question…

Who should be featured on the blog next?

I feel like I was totally called out and this man didn’t help save me… So, can I get some words from the man behind this blog… Justin Post

Michelle Louis