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We Love Criticism, Especially If You Help Us Grow

We've been lucky enough to receive all sorts of reactions to our products over the last decade - mostly positive. And frankly speaking, we'd like more if you're willing.

Maybe love is a strong word. Does anyone “love” criticism? Nonetheless, feedback comes in all shapes and sizes. It helps us enhance current products, shape future offerings, and evaluate processes our business utilizes.

Sure, everyone wants to pretend their products are flawless. How often do you visit a website and see a page featuring “whoopsies” from that company?

Being a leader, in general, brings about criticism. It’s the nature of the beast.

And feedback is what’s helped us retain such a high percentage of clients over the last decade. We respect feedback – even criticism – especially when it’s specific and comes from a good place.

Do you have thoughts on how something should work? Your sales rep or account manager is the perfect sounding board. With so many trade shows doing things in different ways, it’s a huge win for us if we’re able to hear about how you’d like something to work.

In some cases, we may already have a way to tackle your issue, and in others, maybe an enhancement can be discussed. Regardless, open dialogue between clients and vendors is crucial. Our products depend on it, and your events will benefit from it.

And if our sales folks are reading this, feel free to direct any of your criticism of this post to me right here.