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The Map Your Show Commercial

Here's our best shot at explaining what we do in less than 2 minutes. If only the filming of this took 2 minutes...

When I first started at Map Your Show, little did I know the biggest problem I'd have would be explaining what my company does. Maybe it's happy hour with friends or a family holiday gathering - the end result is usually the same.

I work for a software company that provides services in the trade show industry.

This is usually followed by a round of blank stares and feigned interest.

Oh - like the home and garden show downtown?

Well, not exactly, but sort of.

Because I love the home and garden show. Go there every year with my grandma.

Yeah, we work with a lot more B2B-type trade shows all around the world, but it's similar to that.

Or maybe your friends and family are more familiar with the events industry than mine? I love talking to my one uncle who's in sales for a large company that has a booth in multiple trade shows a year. He gets it - and usually provides some good insight from an exhibiting perspective.

And that's the best feeling in the world, too, when you run into someone who's been to a trade show you work with.

Nonetheless, I love it. The people, the shows, the booths, the energy - it's all pretty cool. Here's our take on exactly what MYS does: