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An Ode to our Beloved Print Map Table

Sometimes it's necessary to say goodbye to things we love. And while our product lineup isn't changing, our need for square footage inside our building is.

The light reflects off its cool, smooth surface like the sun off a still pond. Computer keys, frantically clicking, fill the air with plastic percussion beats, marching to a pattern incapable of identification. Electronic chimes emanate from phones sprinkled around desks standing just feet away from this sturdy-looking, almost behemoth-like structure.

It’s adorned with treats – some edible, some not – along the outer edges of its long and wide platform. A platform typically reserved for stretching out large printed papers, hot off the over-sized plotter printer.

It stands tall – 3 and a half feet to be exact. Not a giant you might say, but sitting at it requires something at least as tall as a barstool. Regular chairs need not apply.

Strong and sturdy, yes, but intimidating, it’s not. Once you’ve circled the office a few days you hardly notice its quiet presence. Just another structure, its importance overlooked by the busy rattling of ever-changing technology.

We’re now forced to say goodbye to our beloved print map table. A table that helped inaugurate so many careers here at MYS – including my own – as one of my first responsibilities was to proof a portion of our printed products. And while some here probably wish I paid more attention to the delicate, tedious proofing process we still implement today, the lessons learned while standing next to this structure will never be forgotten.

If you were curious whether we’re getting rid of our printed products, the answer is a quick and resounding “No!” But as we add members to our growing customer service and development teams, we’re forced to rearrange furniture to better utilize our home here on Valley Avenue. Proofing of our printed products will take place in other already-existing, shared-space areas. Computers, telephones, and other technological items will occupy the real estate where this table once stood. The machines continue to win.

With a full heart and watery eyes, we bid you farewell, Print Map Table:

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways…
We love your simplicity and how you never let us down.
Supportive and inviting, allowing all to stand around.
We love your sturdy structure, the center of it all.
Holding up our dreams and papers, no fear they’ll ever fall.
We love your extra compartments, hiding swag and gifts galore.
We’ll miss your quiet presence, reliability we all adore.
So with a closing tribute, and a somewhat final breath,
We shall but love thee better after your silent and certain death.

RIP MYS Print Map Table