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Personalizing Your Event Management Software

Whether you're initially researching an event management software or already implementing it, here are a few concerns when it comes to making your software your own.

It’s quite the conundrum. Taking a blanket software solution and turning it into something a specific industry’s audience will recognize (and use).

Maybe it isn’t the most difficult thing in the world, but when it comes to creating unique and personal software, every vendor must strike a balance between:

  1. Creating a “catch-all” solution that delivers a consistent experience
  2. Writing completely custom code for each client’s needs

When using Microsoft Word, for example, there are numerous switches and configurations built into the platform allowing you to create a professional document for school/work and an artsy document for your monthly gardening club.

But Word has its limitations. Try calling up the customer service team at Microsoft to ask if they can create a unique version so you can teach grandma how to create a polished flyer by simply clicking a button.

You won’t get far.

Building a platform with numerous switches and configurations is standard practice for letting you, the show organizer, personalize what exhibitors and attendees see on your event website or mobile app. And you should take advantage of these switches. Show off your event’s personality by modifying the fonts, colors, images, and more of whatever software you’re using. Give your audience a unique experience that’s carried across your entire event.

And if you’re not sure what options you already have available, speak up!

Humble brag, but we have the pleasure of working with a lot of shows – including some pretty large events (9 of the top 10 Trade Show Executive Gold 100 shows and 7 of the top 10 events). These events are constantly looking to create personalized environments for their audiences.

Sure, sometimes you’ll have a precise need that isn’t already addressed. With thousands of events taking place each year, it’s hard to build a switch to fit every single show’s vision. But your software provider should at least consult with you to determine a potential solution. Event management platforms have more flexibility than Microsoft, after all.

At least for now.

Curious what you can change within the MYS suite of products? Contact us today to find out more.

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