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Print Is Not Dead

Here's a software company sharing success stories of printed pieces at trade shows and conferences around the country. I'd love to get your feedback on what your attendees find helpful while onsite.

I recently read a blog post on TSNN about utilizing printed maps and lists at trade shows, and I wanted to share. I don’t personally know the author, Jenn Waters, at all, but I do think her message is right on target. We see this same thing on a regular basis here in our office as well.

Yes, this blog post seems self-serving because, after all, we offer printed pieces as part of our product lineup! But the reason we offer them is because they get used – a lot. And I’m not going to detail our offerings; you can learn about those some other time, if you want.

Software is at the core of our business model, and you should absolutely have a mobile app at your next event because it’s a necessity. But there’s also a segment of your attendance that wants to hold a printed map/book/list in their hands. They fold the corners of certain pages, scribble notes on sections, and continually reference as they walk around your conference, event, or show.

If the references in Jenn’s stories don’t do it for you, consider one more. Just this week, we witnessed thousands of people at ICUEE – the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition – walk around the convention center with a slim and efficient map book in their hands. And to be sure, we saw many attendees utilize the official mobile app as well. The same story is true for NAB Show, World Ag Expo, and several other events we work with on an annual basis.

Advertisers are familiar with printed pieces offered onsite, so these maps end up acting as a source of profit for events.

My one piece of advice if you decide to offer something like this is to keep it simple and informative.

I’m not arguing everyone will grab a printed piece at your next event just like I’m not arguing everyone will download your mobile app. Attendees and exhibitors aren’t one-size-fit-all robots who plan and navigate the exact same way. But offering simple, tried-and-true methods to plan for and plot a course through your show can be easy to do if you’d like.

Questions? The easiest way to get a hold of me is on Twitter.

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