The Return of Trade Shows After COVID-19

3 ways the pandemic is carving new paths and opportunities for events through the use of technology

Many, if not all of us, have really had to get creative during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it been learning to work from home, having virtual happy hours as we social distance from friends, or finding new ways to entertain ourselves from home. It’s no secret that most industries have taken a hit, including the events industry. As we face our current adversities, let’s try to find the silver lining in the situation and discuss how the events industry has the opportunity to grow through the technological advances during this pandemic: 

1. The Growth of Hybrid Events 

The push for virtual events has been evident, but what will happen with the new technologies that have been developed and discovered once in person events are back on the schedule? Utilizing these technologies for your in-person event, will not only be able to act as a contingency plan for your event, but it will also broaden the audience and enhance the experience for attendees. A hybrid event is a live in-person event with virtual components, making aspects of your show available online. By offering a hybrid event, you can still offer one-on-one interaction in-person or online through your show’s dashboard. 

2. Increased Sponsorship Opportunities 

Bringing part of your event online, means having the opportunity to increase available sponsorships for exhibitors. More sponsorships increase their brand awareness and create potential for more leads. The best part? These online ads are easy to implement and are a huge return on your investment. Getting your event up and running takes time and resources, so having access to an external resource such as an Exhibitor Engagement Team  can help to increase your event’s revenue with exclusive online sponsorships. 

3. Give Yourself a Contingency Plan 

As much as we wish we could move forward and forget about the impact COVID-19 has had on the events industry, it has definitely been a tremendous learning opportunity as events begin to plan for the future. Unprecedented circumstances can happen any time, so using a software to host an online directory can easily help you take an event virtual, as long as it offers the right tools. Using technology to plan and execute your event will not online streamline your process, but it will also provide a contingency plan for your show. 

We continue to look ahead and cannot wait to see the return of in-person events, but until then, there are options to help you provide the platform to connect buyers and sellers year-round. 

The Return of Trade Shows After COVID-19