Tips for Creating Effective Show Communication for Your Hybrid Event

How to ensure your exhibitors and attendees stay informed throughout your entire event cycle

As the world begins to start turning and the event industry reopens, shows will likely look slightly different, so the way you communicate with exhibitors and attendees should change as well. You may be considering a Hybrid Event, which involves a new digital experience for a select audience of exhibitors and attendees. Here are a few ways to enhance your communication to all your customers:

1. Keep Your Show Website Current

Continue to update banners, splash pages and other informative content so both in-person and virtual exhibitors and attendees can stay up-to-date on all pre and post show information. When hosting a hybrid event and offering an online directory, communication within the site needs to be easily accessible for attendees to learn how to access the online portion of the show. Be sure to have clear and concise details available for any portion of your show that is new and unfamiliar.

2. Continue Email Communication

It is more important than ever to send emails throughout the duration of your show, especially if new technology is being used by attendees and exhibitors. Be sure to send information about show logistics, scheduled events and even post show surveys. These can all be great resources for your customers and for yourself. Having information delivered directly to an inbox will give attendees and exhibitors the proper resources to feel comfortable during their new show experience.

3. Stay Active on Social Media

One of the fastest ways to send out real-time communication and updates is through social media. These days, most people turn to apps, such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay informed and connected, so posting important information through social channels can help you reach your attendees. Whether you are broadcasting the opening of registration or looking to post social stories about upcoming webinars, social media can be a great place to reach a broad audience.

4. Push Notifications

If you are still planning to utilize a mobile app during your event, consider sending push notifications directly to those who have downloaded the event app. Push notifications are a great way to send informative details prior to the start of a show and can also be a great tool during your event. Whether you are sending notices about an upcoming webinar or offering exhibitor sponsored notifications, communication with attendees will be heightened to keep them both informed and engaged.

The channels to reach your audience are endless when it comes to online communication. Be sure to explore every avenue and continue to keep all your attendees and exhibitors informed for your upcoming event.

 Effective Show Communication for Hybrid Events