Top 5 Ways to Help Your Attendees Maximize Hybrid Event Experience

Tips to ensure your attendees get the most out of their investment

As the trade show industry pivots to offer digital experiences for attendees, do you find yourself wondering how you can continue to offer a great show experience for your attendees? As you plan your Hybrid Event it’s important to understand that your attendees can have different experiences depending on how they plan to attend: on-site or online. Here are some helpful tips on what you can do to make sure your attendees are getting the most out of your event: 

1. Communicate Before the Event 

As you plan your hybrid event, you will notice that some of your processes may differ from your traditional event, so you can imagine how the new show will look to your attendees. From accessing exhibitor profiles and networking through chat online, to being able to live stream webinars and sessions, the day-by-day schedule for attendees could differ. For your attendees walking the show floor, they will still be able to access online resources, so they never feel like they are missing a part of your event. Communication is key, so be sure to send emails and post different resources your attendees can use to plan thier time during your event before the start of the show. 

2. Have a Schedule 

Even if you plan to house webinars and keynote speakers on your event page after they have been live streamed, it is still important to have a set schedule that attendees can refer to so they can plan their day. It will still be important for attendees to have the opportunity to watch and engage in sessions in real time so they can engage through chat functions and ask questions during the live sessions. Having a schedule of events can also illuminate active show hours, which can enable your exhibitors and attendees to connect live. 

3. Offer Incentives to Connect 

Are you worried that the physical separation will deter your attendees from connecting with vendors and one another? Consider offering sponsored incentives that add a sense of gamification to your event. Whether it is a scavenger hunt that involves adding a virtual business card to an attendee planner, or participating in chat threads on Twitter, attendees will be likely to engage if they know valuable connections are a click away, and offering a sponsored prize for those who go the extra mile will also keep them interested!

4. Have Technical Support Available 

Being a new experience, some might find it cumbersome to navigate a new show environment. Be sure to have a technical support team available for any questions that could arise for attendees. Rest assured that in most instances, these issues are user error, so having a person that can speak with troubled attendees and can walk them through the steps to navigating the online portion of your event can be extremely beneficial. 

5. Be Inclusive to all Attendees (On-site and Online) 

One important factor to note is that your attendees will have different show experiences depending on how they plan to attend your event. Be sure that you are being inclusive to all attendees. For instance, if you are making an announcement in the expo hall about an upcoming session, be sure to also post it on social media or send a push notification through your mobile app so all attendees can stay informed and feel included. 

Strategizing in advance for your hybrid event is critical to your success. By having a communication plan, a schedule, tech support and ideas to enhance engagement, it is easy to ensure maximizing your attendees’ experience. 

Tips to ensure your attendees get the most out of