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The Unwritten (yet Typical) Trade Show Week

Whether you're gone a few days or away for more than a week... There always seems to be a familiar progression to how we deal with the outside world while at a trade show.

Your friends tell you how envious they are. You’re constantly jet-setting the country for site visits, trade shows, and educational programming – all while your company picks up the tab. And the idea of traveling from event to event is nice, but the more I think about it, the more similar each week away feels…

Early Morning Phone Calls

Odds are, you’re traveling west to one of the fine convention centers past the Mississippi. Your work day back home now starts hours before you’re in the shower, so you scramble to stay on top of everything as it pours in from your East Coast clients or coworkers.

Plus, your family and friends were in bed last night before you finished dinner, so your only chance to catch up is before you get onsite for the show. Grab that coffee and go!

Jealously-Inducing Social Media Posts

Regardless of how tired we get, we always make time to show everyone we’re eating and drinking on the company dime or that we stood 50 feet away from Kobe Bryant as he delivered a keynote. The likes and comments that pile up only help reinforce how cool our jobs really are.

Complaints About Your Hours

There seems to be a point in the middle of the week where things start to race past us. Spending time in the morning and late at night to catch up on what’s happening in the office takes its toll, and now you find yourself stress eating or sending that steam-coming-out-of-your-nose emoji to your significant other.

Late Night Texts

The balance between showing off your one-of-a-kind life for the week and relaying how you miss your friends or family is a delicate one. Your pals from high school revel in the fact you’re running around Las Vegas for a week. Your husband or wife? They’re juggling their normal routine while picking up your slack, so make sure to drop that perfectly-timed text so they wake up to your sincere compassion. Pro tip: don’t send it after more than 2 martinis, though.

End of the Week Relief

There’s no feeling quite like dropping your suitcase in the family room as your little ones run into your arms. Your week is over (for now), and you can pass out all the goodies you hoarded from exhibitors trying to unload their annual booth giveaways. The best part: your three-year-old has no idea that t-shirt wasn’t made just for him/her.

Have a story about your latest week away? We’d love to hear about it.

Unwritten Trade Show Week