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Using a Staging Environment for Testing

Your MYS software is live, but you're thinking about changing something up. How will it affect other aspects of your event management software? Give it a test.

How often do details, plans, or ideas change in your week-to-week event preparation? And have you ever turned down a concept because you didn’t know how it would fit within your current execution?

I love that idea. Let’s talk about that again before we launch next year’s ________________ (Exhibitor Dashboard, Directory, Floor Plan, etc.).

Well consider this a friendly reminder that you always have access to a staging environment to test things out – even after your show has gone live. In other words, just because your Directory or Booth Sales setup is public doesn’t mean you can’t tinker with a few details to improve it. Your staging/test area doesn’t disappear once your event software is off and running.

Yes, you won’t be able to change absolutely anything you’d like. Once some items go live – like data collection or financial rules – well, it’s hard to double-back and still have accurate data from everyone.

But it doesn’t mean an idea is dead just because it was hatched after your software was applied. We know things change and better concepts come up all the time.

My advice: talk to your Account Manager about a certain change or idea. It’s sometimes easier to map this out in your staging environment than to make an incorrect edit on the live site and clean it up later.

If the change is small enough, sure, go ahead and make it on the live product. But if you want to visualize or toy around with something, it can’t hurt to use your staging area.

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