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NEW – Version 3.1 of MYS Mobile

We just released an update to the Map Your Show Mobile App software, and when it comes to providing an engaging, effective, and easy-to-manage mobile app, we've got your event covered.

Our first minor update to Version 3 of the MYS Mobile App has been released – aptly named MYS Mobile 3.1. All the cool features of Version 3, are still there, but we’ve added a few modifications to improve management and user experience.

What’s new in MYS Mobile Version 3.1?

1. Improved Onsite Photo Visibility: Snapping and uploading photos isn’t new to the mobile app, but now it’s even easier as it’s included in the main menu and has its own card. Taking photos at your event and tagging exhibitors or adding notes has never been simpler.

2. Less App Resubmits: It’s not like you had to submit your apps often before, but now our management tool is even more agile. Our goal is to always streamline processes and create efficiencies for our show management partners. We took an already-robust product and added even more to it without forcing a resubmit for every change you make.

3. Improved User Experience: A few styles and labels were updated to ensure our already fast-loading app doesn’t get bogged down by new content and features. When your audience is checking their agenda planner or reading an announcement in the middle of a convention center, we understand it’s all about speed.

Have a question about our latest release? Find us on Twitter or contact your sales manager today.

Map Your Show Mobile App v3.1