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What Your Exhibitor Showcase Says About You

When exhibiting at a trade show, it's important to get your word out, right? Here are examples of why you should be concerned about your profile on a trade show website or mobile app.

Looks aren’t everything. At least, that’s what mom and dad said growing up. And deep in our heart of hearts, sure, that’s true. We’d all try to think and act that way each day, yes?

But when it comes to attracting traffic, leads, partners, and more – looks are important. Especially the way your company profile appears on a trade show website or mobile app.

For example, you can look like this:

Or you can look like this:

When you gaze at both of those exhibitor profiles, does one stand out and entice you to learn more about the company? Of course it does…

And looking that good usually costs a little more. Where there’s value, there’s usually an expense. This isn’t a new concept, and if tracked correctly, you can easily justify these expenditures. On average, we see a 6–10X increase in the number of times an enhanced profile is viewed, when compared to the basic profile you see at the top.

More eyeballs, more leads, more traffic, more opportunity.

There are other aspects that may contribute to how often your profile is viewed – like where you’re found within search results or how you personally promote your company’s profile – but the story your profile tells is the first glimpse into what a trade show attendee can expect from you.

In fact, according to CEIR, today’s attendees are planning earlier and earlier for upcoming shows by scouting event websites and mobile apps for new exhibitors and partners.

Have a new product? That’s something attendees want to see! Upload a picture or video of it.

Giving away something cool? Promote it on your profile. Give attendees a reason a to stop by (or even register beforehand).

Hosting a unique guest speaker? Offer your audience a preview of what to expect with a sneak peek.

Again, this should just be the start of your marketing efforts, but when considering your overall trade show plan, how your exhibitor profile comes off to potential leads is an avenue usually worth exploring. And justifying.

Looking for help on how to set up your exhibitor profile? I’d love to hear from you.

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