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You Can Have Fun at Work, Too

We do all sorts of things to keep employees on their toes, having fun, and connected to one another. It might not be ground-breaking, but here are three things we did this past summer to bond as a group.

It’s been a quick summer, huh? I feel like I say that every year, and it only gets worse. Nonetheless, after some seasonal reflecting, I thought it might be helpful to share a few of the cool things we do around here in case you were looking for a new idea to help impact your company’s culture.

Sure, we do the occasional group-outing to a sporting event or happy hour, and we have recreational sports leagues that some participate in as well, but that’s not for everyone. So here are three quick ideas that have worked great for us this summer.

Golf Lessons – A golf league is great. Every weekday, courses around the country are filled with work groups playing their weekly round of golf. It can be expensive, though, and what if you’ve never played? Or are intimidated? This past year, a group from our office took lessons during lunch at the golf course across the street. They worked out a group rate with the club professional and hopefully improved their golf game week after week. Even if you don’t work right next to a course, I’m sure you could spin up a similar deal somewhere after work or even for a different event (music lessons, etc.)

Grill-Outs – We’re lucky enough to have a nice pavilion and campground-style grill just behind our building, but you could get a cheap grill and do the same thing. Each Thursday we fire up the charcoal just before lunch and employees can bring whatever main course they’d like to plop on the grill. Coordinate the sharing of a couple of sides and have yourself a mini picnic each week.

Pick-Up Basketball – Less pressure than a competitive recreation league, for sure. We have athletes of varying talent (and fitness) levels that collide on an outdoor basketball court just down the street from our office. It doesn’t cost anything, and if you go during lunch, it helps get the blood flowing before that mid-afternoon crash.

And that doesn’t count the cornhole, euchre, foosball and other tournaments we throw in from time-to-time to keep things fresh. We work hard, yes – but we enjoy having fun too. Let me know what other things you incorporate into your company’s culture.

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