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Can We Help Your Organization Get On the Same Page?

Since our software typically touches so many aspects of a trade show or conference, the question of how to get (insert department name here) to better utilize MYS comes up every once in awhile. Here are a few tips.

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The tips below should help the various departments in your organization best utilize the MYS Show Dashboard.

  1. Decide who would benefit from access to MYS, and set up specific roles. Whether you start from scratch or utilize one of our pre-determined roles already in the system, it's easy to simplify the MYS admin so that your marketing folks can easily access reports helpful to them while your sales staff checks out areas important to sales. The same goes for operations, education, and so on...
  2. Help your staff customize reports and show dashboards. Spend a few minutes helping everyone take advantage of the customizations available on their show dashboard. If quickly seeing a report of what attendees are doing on their online agenda planners is helpful, add it to their home page so they see it as soon as they first log in. The more personalized a dashboard is, the quicker your staff members will become engaged.
  3. We're here to help. We don't expect you to memorize every report available in your event's admin. We're happy to demonstrate the different layouts available within your show's dashboard as well as indicate how different departments can benefit from distinct areas of the admin. Plus, we have a few help videos already loaded into the Show Dashboard that may be useful.
  4. Brainstorm data collection for next year. We've seen an increase in events linking to a list of "First-Time" exhibitors, for example, trying to add precious exposure to new entrants on the trade show floor. If you'd like to do the same – or if you have a different set of data you'd like to promote – let's talk. We'll map out what needs to happen to successfully promote specific groups of exhibitors, products, or events at your next trade show or conference.

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Several departments can utilize MYS