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The MYS Mobile App is an onsite extension of the MYS software with added features and functionality that allow the app to be used without an internet connection while maximizing the user’s mobile experience.

Even though MYS software is responsively designed for optimal viewing on any device, your event still needs a native mobile app:

  • Offline Navigation – Allows users to explore the show floor without a wireless connection
  • Communication – Push notifications allow you to instantly send or schedule delivery of messages to your attendees and exhibitors
  • Revenue Generation – Advertising revenue can be increased with mobile–specific sponsorship opportunities
  • Customization – Drag–and‐drop admin gives you immediate control over your content, artwork, and more
  • Marketing – Event visibility in app stores

Audience engagement opportunities on the mobile app from MYS

Audience Engagement

The MYS Mobile App can include scavenger hunts, onsite photo collection, surveys, conference/exhibitor searches, and so much more.

Splashscreens and app themes mirror event branding

Branded For Your Event

Every one of our Mobile Apps is tailored to mirror your branding and design guidelines.

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