The show dashboard is your central location for managing your entire show

MYS understands how vital accessing and processing show data is to managing your event. Our built-in reporting module — accessible from any computer at any time through the Show Dashboard — provides complete transparency.

Monitor Exhibitor Activity

Make sure all of your exhibitors stay on track — our reports can show you which exhibitors have approved and updated their company profiles and showrooms, who has outstanding invoices that need to be paid and more. We even feature year-over-year reporting so you can compare your current show cycle to previous events.

Evaluate Attendee Behaviors

Find out what your attendees are researching before the show — you can pull data on what products and categories are being searched and added to personal planners, gaining insight to how your audience is utilizing the event.

Watch Advertising Trends

Why take our word for it? MYS Reporting also provides data on which exhibitors have upgraded their advertising packages and the direct ROI on those upgrades.

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