Is your software viewable on my tablet and/or smart phone?

Of course. The MYS software platform is built using responsive design methodology, so each page will load as your device would prefer.

Is there a user limit or “per seat” charge for the MYS software?

No, you will pay a per-show/event fee for each of the software modules you are using. That fee allows for an unlimited number of users.

Does Map Your Show guarantee 100% uptime?

The MYS environment is supported by a staff of network engineers on-call 24/7. We take responsibility for network availability within our framework; however, we cannot be held liable for problems outside of our network.

Is MYS PCI Compliant?

The MYS system is scanned and recertified on a quarterly basis.

Can I manage my floor plan within the MYS system?

Yes; we provide a floor plan Builder as part of our software. Clients can import a floor plan file from their show decorator or can build their floor plan from scratch using the Builder. Once the floor plan is in place, it can be maintained within the Builder or through nightly updates of new files.

Are there different security levels for users within the system?

We provide for several different levels of access within the Show Dashboard, so that different members of your team can fulfill their unique roles.

Does MYS provide training for their software?

Yes, each client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who can conduct training via phone and/or webcasts with any number of your staff requiring training. Several tutorial videos are available throughout the admin to assist staff as well.

We use another vendor to manage our exhibitor data (or registrations, sessions, etc.); can MYS integrate with them?

Map Your Show has integrations already set up with many different trade show vendors. If yours is not one we currently have in place, we can evaluate if we would be able to develop an integration with them.

Can you process transactions in currencies outside the U.S. dollar?

We certainly can. Our Booth Sales software is compatible with several different currencies.

Does the MYS software have multi–lingual capabilities?

Yes, our software is functional in over 10 languages.

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