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Map Your Show has a team of in-house developers ready to help your show

Our platform utilizes the latest technology, both in the development of our applications as well as in our hardware infrastructure. Perhaps most importantly, all of our development is done in the United States by our employees. This allows us to react quickly and effectively to customers’ needs. Our infrastructure is so complete that it can be included as a part of your disaster recovery plan.

Before any new product is released or any software upgrades are made, we have an established process for testing and quality control so the MYS software remains fast, accurate and rock solid.

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We can play with just about anyone. Software integrations can be intimidating but we have extensive experience with most of the leading registration companies, general contractors and even other mobile providers. We also have a detailed API, that with permission, your partners can pull information about your event so you don’t have to manage and exchange Excel files anymore.

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