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Floor Plan Builder

MYS features a drag and drop floor plan builder tool that enables you to publish floor plan updates quickly and easily

The MYS Difference

Unlike a lot of design software, the MYS Builder was developed with the everyday user in mind. There aren’t college courses dedicated to learning MYS Builder — because they’re not needed. Our simple drag and drop interface makes editing and publishing updated floor plans quick and easy.

Start from scratch or import plans with existing booths — MYS will load the provided .dwg file and from there, you can:

  • Add, delete, move, merge, or edit booth details
  • Add and edit hall symbols such as elevators, first aid stations, and restrooms
  • Streamline onsite renewals and booth edits

Real-time Publishing

Real-time publishing means that once you’ve made changes, all of your users can see the updates immediately — even on mobile devices. Changes can also be exported back out to other design software such as AutoCAD so you never have to double your work.

Adding booths via drag and drop feature in MYS

Add Booths

Easily drag new booths to your floor plan using common preset sizes or create a custom size.

Splitting booths with the MYS Builder tool

Split Booths

Split one booth into many by defining how many rows and columns to break it into.

Toggle view feature detail in MYS Builder software

Multiple Views

Use the View menu to quickly turn on or off symbols, booths, labels, the hall background, contractor view or a grid.

Adding custom booth shapes with the MYS builder software

Custom Booth Shapes

Have a difficult shaped booth to add to your floor plan? Use one of the preset polygon shapes or create a shape from scratch.

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