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    Every Show Gets Our Foundation Suite of Products:
    There are some core products that we feel no show should go without.
    We’ve included those modules in our foundation suite of products that every event gets with MYS.


    Build Your Own, Customized Solution Set With our Add-On Products:
    We understand that every event is unique, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to your event management software? Map Your Show’s à la carte module options allow you to create the set of tools that best serve your show and the way you manage it.

  • The online directory is the number-one way attendees research your event.

    The integrated directory floor plan and search is the number-one way attendees research your event; making it a valuable tool for show management, exhibitors, and attendees alike.

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  • MYS Show Management Tools give you access to everything you need to manage and evaluate your show data and exhibitors

    From building and publishing floor plans to evaluating vital show data, our Show Management Tools bundle gives your event staff all the basics for effective and efficient show management.

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  • The builder allows you to create, edit and publish beautiful floor plans with ease.

    Don’t have a degree in drafting or architecture? With MYS, you don’t need one. The Builder allows the everyday user to create, edit, and publish beautiful floor plans with ease.

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  • Manage sales and booth assignments easily with online payment collection, inventory control, and real-time reporting.

    Manage sales and booth assignments easily and efficiently with online payment collection, booth inventory control, and real-time reports.

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  • Conference Management

    The MYS Conference Management module gives you start-to-finish control and tracking over the submission and approval process for all sessions and events at your conference.

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  • Our native Mobile Apps put your show on the cutting edge of technology.

    Our native Mobile App is an onsite extension of the MYS software — with some added features and functionality that maximize the user’s mobile experience.

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  • MYS Hybrid Event

    The MYS hybrid event and online directory is a proven technology using MYS AI that is low cost, easy to set up, and provides reporting and data capture.

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  • Exhibitor Data Collection

    The MYS Exhibitor Data Collection module eliminates errors and redundancy in data entry by enabling exhibitors to take charge of their event profiles.

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  • Map Your Show also offers a variety of printed products to enhance onsite event experience.

    For those attendees seeking a more traditional guide for the show, MYS also offers a variety of printed products to represent your event.

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  • Map Your Show also offers a eNewsletter services.

    The MYS eNewsletter gives you the ability to contact attendees and other industry professionals with an informative and easy-to-read email newsletter.

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  • MYS Exhibitor Badge Collection

    Make exhibitor registration a breeze with the MYS Exhibitor Badge Collection module.

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