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Whether you have a fine-tuned sales process or are looking for new, innovative ideas, we provide the foundation for all your exhibit sales needs.

MYS Booth Sales is a software platform that fits your sales structure. Empower exhibitors to choose from a live floor plan or lock settings down and choose booth assignments on your own. Either way, you control your inventory and who will be assigned a booth on your exhibit floor.

  • Branded invoices
  • Live credit card processing
  • Advertising and sponsorship sales
  • Real-time reporting
  • Can be programmed to integrate with AMS, CRM, and accounting software

See critical booth sales reports straight from the Show Dashboard homepage

Sell Smarter

  • Sell specific booths or allocate spaces
  • Flexible system allows you to automate or work within your existing sales process
  • Verified electronic signature collection
  • Sell anywhere, anytime
  • Accelerates space application submissions

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